Northern Virginia Youth Mountain Bike League 

2008 Season is almost over, next race is October 11, 2008
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2008 Rules


Wear an ANSI Approved Helmet at All Times. Under no circumstances should a racer be on their bicycle without a helmet fastened to their head, even when riding a very short distance. Athletes must also keep their helmet on when walking or running on the course with a mechanical. Athletes will lose all points for the race at which they were seen riding without a helmet – this includes while riding to warm up.  All Safety and other rules of the individual race promoters must also be adhered to.


League coaches are also expected to comply to the helmet rule at all races. A 25-point team penalty will be applied to the team scores for non-compliance with helmet policy.


This race series is for all youth mountain bike racers in the Washington DC area. Race entry scholarships and Equipment usage can be provided by Trips for Kids Metro DC to those wishing to race without the proper financial means. For more information on scholarships email


Teams comprised of 3 or more youth racers who have an adult sponsor/coach will be eligible for a Team Award granted at the end of the season to the team with the highest point total for up to 4 member of the team consisting of: 1 male 14 - 18, 1 female 14 -18, 1 male 11- 13 and 1 female 11 -13.*  Teams must have a racer in at least 3 of the 4 above categories who have raced during the season for consideration in the Team Award Category.   If a team does not have a racer in one of the above 4 categories they would enter a “0 points “ for their score in that category.  Team member points will only count for races in which the individual racer registered as a team member, points earned prior to joining a team can not be counted towards a team award but will still count towards the individuals seasonal scoring. (There will be no team awards in 2008)


End of season points will be based on total points by racers who participated in at least 2 Northern Virginia Youth Mt Bike League Events.  Individual racers do not have to be members of teams to participate or be eligible for prizes.



Only points from events identified by the NVYOUTH will count towards the series total.  NVYOUTH will use modified versions of each individual race promoters system in 2008.

We will be using overall placing's reported by the individual race promoters.

Mountain Bikes Only

League athletes must compete using mountain bikes that have 26 (or 29) inch wheels and the tires must not be narrower than 1.75 inches. No road bikes or cyclocross bikes, no down-drop handlebars.


League athletes are not allowed to race or ride with headphones or other portable musical devices. Headphones are permitted while riding a stationary trainer (but don’t forget to wear your helmet!).

Banned Substances

League athletes are subject to all USA Cycling and USADA rules pertaining to anti-doping (A list of banned substances is available at


All racers should walk their bikes in the pit the area, or spectator areas. Riders who demonstrate reckless behavior and/or risking other riders and spectators will be penalized a minimum of 50 points.

* age of racer is decided by actual age on December 31, 2007

MODIFICATIONS - We reserve the right to modify the system to accommodate changes and problems.